We provide efficient solutions in computationally-intensive software development for scientific, medical, engineering and signal/image processing applications.

Our services span the following areas:

Algorithm prototyping, implementation and analysis

We implement a published algorithm based on a description or a paper, and/or analyze its performance characteristics, comparing with other possibilities. This helps a client evaluate important characteristics of a potentially novel approach, without disrupting the work of the internal core project team.

Refactoring existing code to achieve optimal performance and scalability

We reorganize the existing implementation of a runtime-intensive operation or algorithm to achieve optimal performance and take advantage of parallel hardware in an optimal way.

Advanced optimizations for CPU and GPU architectures

Most highly optimized implementations can be further improved to maximize their efficiency. We apply a combination of portable software optimizations as well as hardware specific ones.

Porting the codebase to other architectures: GPU, mobile or x86 platforms

We help you move the computationally intensive parts of the computation to the GPU (more powerful platform), or move the computation to a mobile device (less powerful platform).

Regression testing automation

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